The Society was formed mainly to look after the Planters’ interests at a time when ‘hire and fire’ was the order of  the day and the Planters jobs were at stake. The Society has pledged itself to safeguard all interests of the Planter, personally and professionally. In detail:

To regulate relations between members and their employers;

To establish cordial relations in order to improve the Industry and the Economy – the Society in its pledge to safeguard the interests of its members has also pledged to safeguard the Employer;

A Provident system was established and the Society has undertaken to superintend and administer the  Provident Society on behalf of the members;

In  the interest of its members  and to develop their knowledge of the Industry and in general as  a workbook, the Society has undertaken to publish a News Bulletin  from time to time;

Seminars and Training programs were also organized by the Society until the recent past;

As of today, the Society’s main obligation has become the legal guidance to its members in providing legal advice and assistance in litigation connected with their employment, right up to Tribunal and Courts.  In recent times the Society was even called up to support some members as far as the Supreme Court too, in its pledge to assist its members.