Peaceful Protest over the Crisis

Peaceful Protest over the Crisis

by 25 April, 2022 0

The Ceylon Planters’ Society Peaceful Protest over the Crisis

The Planters gathered at Nuwara Eliya on the 08 th April 2022 to join in the country-wide
protest with all the other Professionals to convey our concern we are facing.
We must say that we are not divided by color or party politics. We represented the Planting
community and our entire Membership of Planting Executives. The Planters joined this
protest holding placards and the CPS banner during the protest.
The shortage and deterioration in the availability of fuel and electricity in the Plantation
sector is of serious concern as it is hampering daily operations of production and
transportation. It is affecting our ability to transport green leaves to the factory in time.
Further, some estates are unable to use their generators to run their daily operations.
Sri Lanka tea has always maintained high level of confidence in producing the best quality.
Our buyers may lose the pure Sri Lankan tea essence and they might move to other
competing markets.
In this scenario, the Planters do not have any other weapon but the only weapon they have
is to protest. That is why they joined a silent protest at Nuwara Eliya and they might have
used words, slogans alongside other protesters but that is a Democratic Right of a Sri
Lankan Citizen according to the Country’s constitution.
We take this opportunity to thank Mr Dayal C. Kumarage, President of The Ceylon Planters’
Society, for providing the leadership, maintaining law and order and facilitating freedom of
expression. We also thank our Members those who participated at the protest and a special
word of thanks to our Regional Chairman of Nuwara Eliya, Mr Ravindra Senaratne, for his
hard work in making arrangements for this protest which was well-organized.
The leaders must be the role models for the future. They must lead from the front and
practice what they preach if such initiatives are to bear fruit and be sustainable.

Lalin I De Silva
Secretary General
The Ceylon Planters’ Society




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