Appreciation – Late Mr Manthi Delvita

by 24 April, 2022 0

Mr. Manthi Delvita

Former President of The Ceylon Planters Society

Mr. Manthi Delvita, former President of our society passed away at the age of 86 years.

Manthi, as all his friends call him, joined the Ceylon Planters Society (CPS) long time ago
may be somewhere in early nineties sixties and was always a staunch CPS man. Even when
he was the Regional Chairman of Uva, he had to contend with erring Superintendents and
Assistant Superintendent's who were his fellow CPS Members. He saw that discipline was
upheld but upheld within the framework of justice and fair play. I say this, he was the Chief
Executive Officer at Kahawatta Plantations when I was the Superintendent at Westhall
Estate, Nawalapitiya which came under Kahawatta Plantations PLC.
Mr. Delvita been an active member of the Ceylon Planters Society has held office in the
higher echelons of the CPS and later he became the president of its Golden Jubilee year. We
are all aware that he worked tirelessly in his endeavors to obtain the very best for the
membership of the Society.
Mr. Delvita has done a splendid job during his period of stewardship as the President and
his contribution towards obtaining the stage 2 letter is commendable. Mr. Neville
Athukorala, who was his Deputy President, always reminds us the effort Mr. Delvita made.
Later Mr. Athukorala succeeded him as the President.
I had the good fortune to work under Mr. Delvita and also to work together as members of
the Regional Scientific Committee, Kandy Region of Tea Research Institute. Whilst
attending in those meetings I learnt many things from him. He was an exemplary and
excellent Planter.
He was a simple man who led a simple life. He faced many challenges without fear or favor.
Mr. Delvita was straight forward voicing honest opinions and offered constructive criticism
where necessary.
We convey our deepest sympathies to all his family members. Although you parted early, I
as a Christian pray that may the turf lie gently over you.
I can do no better than saying that he may come to eternal rest and reach Nirvana.

Goodbye sir.

Lalin I De Silva. 
Secretary General,
Ceylon Planters’ Society

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